Zirin Needs To Zip It

It’s a bad publicity move for the sports editor of The Nation to not do his homework, or throw in his own biased opinion. Opinions are all fine and good, but no one likes an opinion that’s overly generalized. To give you some background context…
The Nation’s Dave Zirin wrote an article April 1 about the #CancelColbert campaign, and how the outburst of its popularity via social and traditional media cloaked Dan Snyder from criticism, who was the butt of Colbert’s satire in the first place.
Whilst writing about the campaign, not to steer the subject away from Dan Snyder (but let’s face it… did we really need another article condemning Snyder and his horrible PR tactics? Been there, done that kind of thing), but Zirin fails to fact check on the #CancelColbert campaign. Zirin wrote under the assumption that Stephen Colbert himself sent out the racist tweet that caused the #CancelColbert uproar. In fact, a person from Comedy Central had a Twitter account shaped as Stephen Colbert, and Colbert had no idea of the tweet itself in the first place.
As for the opinion-making… Zirin fondly calls Colbert’s fans “smug” and outright labels them all as “liberalists.” :
“Let’s forget for a moment the smug Colbert fans (and there is no “smug” quite like the “smug” of a Colbert fan explaining satire), who were enraged that Park challenged whether their liberalism insulated themselves or Colbert from criticism”
Tell us how you REALLY feel, Zirin…
I had made the #CancelColbert campaign the subject of my last blog post. I am now turning my attention to the critical articles that follow, this one from The Nation in particular, without their fact-checking, and not being able to keep their own agendas out of the post. The one slip-up from our pompous elitist Zirin calls into question his entire article.
It wouldn’t be the first time anyway.
Ehhhh, better luck next time.




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