The Bind with Bynes

There was a time when actress Amanda Bynes made millions of kids laugh daily, starting with the Nickolodeon show “All That”, and receiving artistic freedom with hosting her own variety show called “The Amanda Show”.  Unless kids in the early 2000’s lived underneath rocks through their childhood, every kid knew Amanda Bynes and her comedic charm.


It seems lately that many former child stars are having issues staying on the straight and narrow, which sadly includes actress Amanda Bynes. But this article isn’t being written to bash or ridicule Ms. Bynes. Instead I chose to think of a strategy using my public relations skills in a hypothetical sense. Months before I had read about Amanda Bynes on Twitter and how she was causing so much controversy with her half naked pictures, plus her alarming posts. I thought to myself that maybe there could be a chance of still saving Bynes’ career by using my PR skills, and incorporating them into a plan to bring the once former comedically charming Amanda back.


First, I had to think; how could I get Amanda’s former fans to return? To make this happen, I would have to watch her old televisions shows and movies to remember what made Amanda so watchable. As I watched I began to feel the younger version of myself shine as I remembered how funny this girl could be! I saw a completely different person on the screen versus the girl I’ve been Twitter stalking. It occurred to me that maybe the way to bring Amanda back into the spotlight would be to hypothetically imagine that she would hire me as her PR practitioner, and I would help her get back on her feet.


Ideally, there is no perfect strategy, especially when it comes to former child actors. But since Amanda hasn’t been in the cold for too long, and if Amanda was able to clean up her act, there’s a chance that she could reinvent her career. All Amanda would have to hypothetically do is build her confidence back up, and more so in the way that she appeared once before. Maybe in time Amanda could have another comedic variety show in which she’s able to genuinely laugh at the fool she once made of herself. This act alone could show Amanda has grown up from her rebellious, attention-seeking act, and would in turn receive her true fans’ attention.


This idea may not be perfect, but it would help turn Amanda’s career around. After all, I always remember thinking that this girl had potential, and would go very far in her career.  I truly think she still has that chance, because everybody has a rebellious stage. Amanda just happened to have it later as an adult as most child stars unfortunately do. Unlike most child stars, I hope Amanda will be able to turn things around.


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