Publicity Fails

For a long time now I have been contemplating as to why Disney Channel stars seem to go off of the deep end. At this point in time, I still cannot come up with an answer that explains the turbulence caused by the erratic behavior of the rich and famous. Then I started to think. These kids are rich and famous. They can have anything and everything they want, thanks to their big paychecks. Even though money seems to be the answer to all problems, it’s also irrevocably the cause of the downward spiral.

Famous Disney Channel stars such as Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes and recently, Miley Cyrus, are the constant talk of the media. People are always picking up copies of Us Weekly magazines, and are checking their social media accounts just to see what indescribable act these reckless teenagers have committed this week. But wait a second. These aren’t teenagers.

These former Disney Channel stars are grown adults but pull rebellious acts, as if they are teenagers. And sadly, current teenagers don’t have these people to look up to, as I once did when I was a teenager. I started to do some research about child stars after I discovered all of my favorite, once former Disney Stars went off the deep end. It seems as though every child star who grew up in the spotlight, and received endless amounts of money had missed out on a real childhood. You have to wonder… Waking up early every day, memorizing lines, doing photo shoot after photo shoot, receiving little privacy, and missing out on real relationships can make it difficult to grow up.


Lately my attention has been on one particular star, Shia Labeouf. I think everybody who grew up in the early 2000s remembers him. Who could forget such titles as “Transformers”, “Disturbia” and “Lawless.” But I want to go a little further back: Does anyone remember a Disney Channel show called “Even Stevens”? The show was about a goofy brother, played by Labeouf, who torments his older, perfectionist sister Ren, who was played by Christy Carlson Romano. LaBeouf was a happy, energetic young star full of potential, who seeked to advance his career from Disney child star to successful adult actor. At this time and later on, Labeouf became a pretty big household name. And if my memory serves, this star seemed like a pretty successful, well rounded celebrity.

Currently, the 27-year-old star has gone off the deep end, as well. Since 2005, legal troubles, controversy and plagiarism (the biggest sin) lied in wake for this actor. Running his car into a neighbor’s garage and then allegedly brandishing a kitchen knife at the neighbor hours later, refusing to leave a Chicago Walgreens and drunk driving make him sound like the next of a long line of celebrities who have, to be quite blunt, gone berserk with fame.

This blog was to warn readers of the more negative parts of publicity, and the consequences that come along with losing who you are when people look to you in judgment every second. Publicity and fame ain’t all it’s cracked up to be after all.


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