Good Uses of Social Media

Social media is a huge business innovation that public relations practitioners should consider to further build their brand, client or company. Let’s face it, the two entities are fusing together. With social media, it is easier to create conversational topics to customers, introduce discussions and receive constructive feedback (or nasty feedback). These channels of potential communication between company and public can be used through different sectors of a social media site such as Facebook message, Tweets or blog comments on your company’s website. I decided to create this blog post regarding the ever-evolving world of social media and its practical uses for practitioners, because let’s face it, social media ain’t going anywhere anytime soon.

We all know and love Facebook. It’s a grade up from Myspace and allows users to post their own statuses, post pictures and videos, and message their friends. As social and unprofessional as it may sound, companies can gain a lot of coverage and publicity through this site. Professional companies can even create their own page through a Facebook account. Through this page, you can schedule posts, view your activity log and view analytics of your page.  Posting statuses regarding special offers from your company, a chance to win tickets to your client’s concert or any overall promotions you want people to know about can be posted right to your page with easy access to your consumers. Photos can also be posted (via Instagram if you want that fancy filter) so consumers are also getting a visual aspect that is always visually rewarding… Photographs speak 1,000 words after all.

Twitter is basically a condensed form of Facebook’s statuses. Limited to only 140 characters a Tweet, it is important for the company to realize this, and think thoroughly of a condensed message that will be understandable to your public. It is a great site to also post photos, ReTweet your clients or follow relevant people.
Side note: Don’t lose your company’s dignity by messaging every new follower with a generic “Thank you for following! Please go to our website at to learn more information!”

This site is a great place for… you guessed it… videos. If your company wants to create content such as “How-Tos” or “DIY (Do It Yourself)” tutorials, it might be better to create videos in order to make it easier for your consumer to comprehend with visuals instead of reading a long list. It also can present great opportunities for other potential stakeholders that are new to your organization, brand or company to be aware of, and possibly gain more overall publicity.

All in all, it is important to stay engaged with your social media sites. It does no good leaving your sites dead for a week or even a couple days with little to no activity. It is also important to not only be active, but create posts that make conversation. Your messages should be open to questions from your customers, and always facilitate a good environment for both your client and the public you are trying to attract.


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