LinkedIn: Professionalism Wasn’t In This Article

LinkedIn is a professional networking site where people can connect, find possible job opportunities and show off who you and your company are. It is the business part of social media. Or so you’d think.

An article titled, “The Written Words That Leaders Live by” by Francesca Levy sparked the 14-year-old boy in some of the professionals on LinkedIn. The article was meant for people to comment and say what their most inspirational book is and why to the LinkedIn community. You’d think this would be lighthearted chatter and nostalgia about reading. However, just as natural with people as it is to eat, so is unnecessary quarreling.


The reader in me had to comment on one of my inspirational novels. Plenty of them have given me an out-of-world experience of enlightenment and new ideas. I chose “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand as my inspirational book. Rand’s written words (to me) were to work hard, be proud of your own production and that the will to work is one of the most beneficial attributes to a human being’s happiness. Nothing more, nothing less.

An hour or two later, I could not help but notice a new comment from a person saying this:


All right, all right, before we get into an argument that people have the right to say what they want… I have to say a couple of things…

First off, LinkedIn was, I gathered, a professional networking site. Then you see this. I get that he wanted to be comedic. At the same time, he purposefully tried to insult Rand readers and calling them “sociopathic” is a tad much…
Secondly, the point of the article was to say YOUR most inspirational book, not attack someone else’s choices. If he just had to disagree with someone publically like this, it was best to say it in a more professional way that could have sparked a healthy debate (I’m all for those). But posts that he made are not substantial in the slightest.

As you can see with the comments responding to his post, not everyone was pleased. I guess some people realize that LinkedIn is not exactly the best kind of place for people to display this kind of humor, disrespect and immaturity. 


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