Our Hearing SUCKS!

Link to video here.

This was a very interesting video by Julian Treasure. It is interesting in the fact that he opened up my perception to listening, one of our five main senses, a bit more. I had never realized how badly we as a society retain information, and one of the reasons being because of the fact that we do not listen as well anymore.  Treasure makes a good point that people simply do not have to listen as intently to conversation, lectures or presentations anymore. We have recorders, cameras and our own phones for that now. It opens up the question as to whether technology is making us lazier in regards to using our listening skills more.
Technology also reinforces multitasking, and that is never a good combination for our hearing senses. Teenagers are usually on their phones with the television on while typing up a paper while messaging somebody on Facebook while listening to music. That is a bunch of focusing to do, and of course with us being human, we simply cannot retain that much information we have purposefully created for ourselves.
I think this has happened because of wanting convenience, and our thirst for more knowledge of this convenience, and thus utilizing it. We are conditioned to work, but the work we have done has brought us to being lazier…If we get too wrapped up in the technology world. It is simply a matter of balance: Do not forget that you are human, and you have limited capabilities. There is no way that a person can listen to a professor’s lectures online while texting someone while the television is on and then preserve your professor’s lecture fully in your mind. Our listening ain’t that amazing.
But I digress. Treasure was an outstanding speaker and really opened up my mind as to how badly our listening has gotten, and why we really need to get it back. 


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