Blue Belongs to the Boys, Pink Belongs to the Girls

Everyone knows blue belongs to the boys and pink belongs to the girls. Everyone knows that boys should develop masculine, dominant and indifferent qualities in their personalities as they grow older. Everyone knows that girls should develop feminine, submissive and passionate qualities in their personalities as they grow older. It would be weird for Americans to see, because of society, a boy playing with Barbies in his room, or a girl wanting the new Godzilla model for Christmas.

Flash forward to their teens… and we have girls developing eating disorders to look just skinny enough, boys taking steroids to gain muscle and to perform better in various sports, and both genders sadly taking their own lives because of this gender stereotype society have thrust upon them. America stands for freedom, right?


 I do not have any research or evidence to back up my statement for this blog post. What’s sad is that there does not need to be any whatsoever: Everyone knows exactly what I am talking about without having to go research it themselves. We experience it every day, just by observing behavior from others; even small details, such as what people are wearing, his or her gait, his or her mannerisms.

Americans as a society have gone downhill in regards to the gender stereotype we’ve pushed onto our generation’s children, and the children before that, and the children before that. It brings across an unnecessary pressure and stress to young people to conform to what’s regarded as ‘right’. What kind of society are we to not let children explore who they are, and not feel negative about their supposed gender role. Let the boy do the cooking if he wants to, let the girl try out for football if that’s what her aspirations are.

It’s about time America’s society as a whole stands up and acts on what its own motto shouts to us civilians every day: To be free. 


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