Is the Internet becoming the new television source?

 It seems as though television is becoming a thing in the past as Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube have been stealing the viewership from the once over-populated television domination. It’s funny because television shows have higher production value than they ever have before with examples such as “Breaking Bad” and “The Walking Dead”.  You would think that with higher production value comes excessively high viewership, but because shows can be distributed on YouTube, Hulu and Netflix, people have lost an interest in watching television in the box. These actions led by the viewers have started a new evolution in technology, because it has become so convenient to stream anything by the tap of a finger, people are discovering they can easily watch anything, anytime, and anywhere with the laptop.

There is a contradiction: People say that viewing television shows on the laptop is convenient because they can watch any episode or season of a show they want to see through a Netflix, Hulu or YouTube account. The catch is that television can serve the same purpose because there are tools to record television episodes. Since television and laptop viewing can serve the same entity, it should be noted that there is an advantage to using a laptop versus watching television.

The advantage of using a laptop besides just watching television shows, social networking, or posting pictures is that you can USE these social media sites even more for your shows. Watching TV in your living room by yourself on a Thursday night doesn’t have the additional blogs, Facebook page, or Twitter account that a laptop provides to where you can get different peoples’ feedback on the show you are watching.

Additional feedback, reviews and maybe overly critical comments by other people all over the world watching the same episode as you can provide more open-minded discussions.

Furthermore, producers of these TV shows can see this feedback and act accordingly.

For example, A.J. Cook of Criminal Minds was fired before season six of the syndicated show for ‘creative reasons’ by the big men of CBS. Fans of the psychologically thrilling show were in an outrage over the news and expressed it through social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook. YouTube videos were made in response as well. This feedback was effective because the producers brought her back just in time for the start of season seven to please the fans.

In conclusion, the laptop and its social media sites are becoming more of a convenience than our simple television set because of the additional feedback that is available to view and criticize. Producers of shows see this feedback and act accordingly. There was a time, just a few years ago, where social media did not have such a powerful presence in the entertainment world. Radio and television were head-to-head as “entertainment enemies” decades ago, and television won. Now it’s the Internet and television, and it is clear to see who has won for this generation.

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