JOUR 4250: Racism: Still Prevalent in News Broadcasting?

Last week in class, a discussion over the statistics of diversity in the journalism working field was held. Around 10 years ago, Lynn C. Owens conducted a study titled “Network News: The Role of Race in Source Selection and Story Topic” over race diversity and the news: who were labeled as victims, who were most likely pictured as criminals, and who were shed in perhaps a better light than others? It was and still continues to be a racist world within the media department, although it has gotten better over the years. America’s societal terms have changed and stretched to become a more flexible community, welcoming diversity and changing closed minds to open minds.

I was curious as to what the changes are now, in the year 2013. Surely it must have gotten better with this newfound mentality among Americans. I looked at our more current, various news anchors and sports anchors for major news networks, such as MSNBC, FOX and ABC. Although these three networks can’t be the most accurate answer to saying how diverse a society America is now, it is a nice generality to make just because these networks are the most popular nationwide.

ABC’s Morning Show
Female: Robin Roberts, African American
Male: George Stephanopoulos, Caucasian

Female: Tamron Hall, African American
Male: Jeff Rossen, Caucasian

Female: Courtney Friel, Caucasian
Male:  Shepard Smith, Caucasian

It is 2013, and the results are a bit better for some racial groups. However, for people such as Native Americans or Asian Americans, there has not been much of a difference over the course of 10 years. Nonetheless, it’s interesting to note that a lot of the male anchors on these popular news programs are Caucasian and male, while the females are more diverse. There are African American female anchors on ABC and MSNBC, while FOX has only Caucasian. 

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