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When looking into choices for a career overall, the field of public relations is what really came across as an interesting path to choose for me.  I like the idea of maintaining a public, positive image for a company, person or firm. The communication with other publics to keep a good and consistent relationship going smoothly is something that attracted me to this career choice as well.  I also like the aspect of writing for whatever or whomever I represent, whether that is press releases, memos or other forms of written work. The biggest aspect of public relations that interested me overall would have to be the broad spectrum of jobs you could choose from.
            I am interested in becoming a publicist for a famous figure or company. Publicists are generally the ‘cheerleader’ for their company or person they are representing. To be more specific, their core goal is to make whatever or whomever they are representing well-known through various tactics involving the media. One of these tactics, for example, could be press releases that are shown to the masses, and, more importantly, to journalists that will produce stories about their client. Press releases might be about new developments or new projects that their client is involved in, and that will spark an interest to the press. Publicists have other things to do as well, such as maintaining good-standing relationships with other journalists, in order to ensure that there will be a story about their client. These people have to do their research and figure out the best way to get their client out there to the public, such as publishing their story to a magazine related to their client, or a poster displayed in a place that will attract the right kind of people. A typical day in a publicists’ work is identifying the most effective and interesting publics for their client, in order to achieve the best publicity results. They also must analyze these audiences, such as their concerns or what they like. They must maintain a positive image for their client, creating an impressive public awareness through the client’s actions, and what they say. Publicists also conduct research from the public’s reactions, and communicate with their client the results that come up. A lot of their work also involves writing and preparing for speeches, press releases, advertisements, television spots, posters, brochures, newspapers, websites, and other forms of media. They also prepare and design public events, conferences and promotions.  Journalists are a huge part of a publicists’ job, as they need to create a consistent relationship with them in order to print or broadcast their material.  A day in the life of a publicist is not easy, as it is constantly changing and shifting. They do not have a nine-to-five day. Their schedule is erratic, and they must be flexible with whatever is given to them. Constant traveling is another factor, with huge deadlines, and also keeping overall good relationships with the media, the public, and their client.  Publicists could work for anyone or anything; a celebrity, organization, company or government figure. As far as training goes, choosing to be a public relations major is a plus, yet there are no “specific educational guidelines. Publicists usually have university degrees or college diplomas in journalism or communications. However, since the industry can be quite general, expertise in public affairs, English, business, marketing and advertising are also quite valuable” (Schoolsintheusa.com). Internships at local companies or organizations to get basic experience are a must, for example, a government communications department or a public relations firm.
            Publicists can work with multiple publics. Their main priorities are journalists, editors, and other people along these lines to get their story out there and to really create a great headline for whomever they are representing.  They also network with bloggers through the social media sites to get internet coverage of their potential client, and form relationships in this way as well. For example, a publicist could arrange an interview or a Q and A for whomever they are representing for their largest fan site. Publicists, in order to maintain successful relationships with their publics, need excellent communication skills, and have to be outgoing. They have to create an easygoing, polite, and easy-to-talk-to image for themselves in order to invite more communication for their client. If their client were to be interviewed on television, the publicist asks for the questions from the interviewer beforehand to properly assemble what their client should say in response to them. The answers would be mature, polite and nothing that will cause controversy. Publicists live for the flexible, long hours of their work days, so maintaining relationships with multiple publics is usually not a problem, as they are used to it day-by-day.  They might have meetings with multiple editors, journalists and television producers.
            I am most interested in becoming a publicist for a celebrity or other form of public figure. I am interested in this area of public relations for the sole reason of communication. I feel like I have the personality and manner to perfectly mold myself into this world of public relations. The thought of maintaining a positive, consistent image for a potential client is appealing to me. I also like the fact that there is no schedule for publicists; they could be assembling answers for an interview on television one day, and then doing extensive research the next. They could be in their local area one week, and by the next, they are out of the country, forming more relationships for their client.  I would love to get an internship through a public relations firm in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, to get some experience and have my foot in the door for this career choice.
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